Versalec Cables is a specialised and project specific cable supply company with an extensive range of low voltage to high voltage electricalcables, overhead conductors, service connections and instrumentation cables.

Versalec is able to provide comprehensive commercial proposals, budget estimates with supporting technical data as required, customised to the needs of each particular customer and project.

Versalec is also able to offer the additional service of delivering cable to site in its own crane trucks ensuring correct offloading and handling.


  • SABS approved low, medium and high voltage cable for underground and overhead applications
  • Copper / Aluminium PILC (paper insulated lead covered) 11kV | 22kV | 33kV
  • Copper / Aluminium XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) 11kV | 22kV | 33kV
  • Copper / Aluminium low voltage PVC SWA PVC 600/1000V
  • Alum ABC (aerial bundled conductor) low voltage and 11kV
  • ACSR overhead conductor
  • AAC overhead conductor
  • AAAC overhead conductor
  • Instrumentation cable (for data and communication)

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