Technilamp, acquired by Voltex in 2016, specialises in infrared and ultraviolet lamps, general and specialised lamps, equipment and the application thereof. Technilamp carry the widest range and the largest stock of these lamps in South Africa, and distribute nationwide.

Technilamp are the preferred distributors of the Philips range of ultraviolet and infrared lamps and more recently Technilamp have been appointed the official distributors for Alpha-Cure, Toshiba, iSOLde lamps and Hapro tanning beds. Technilamp designs, manufactures, installs and maintains equipment and machinery employing these lamps.

Technilamp are committed to ensuring a sustainable environment and as such have a comprehensive environmental waste disposal system, including the management of mercury disposal.


  • Ultraviolet sterilisation
  • Ultraviolet lamps
  • Infrared lamps
  • Infrared heating
  • Sunbeds and lamps
  • Medical equipment
  • Restaurant offerings
  • Accessories

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