EMS Invirotel (PTY) Ltd is a wholly owned specialist division of Voltex (PTY) Ltd, South Africa’s pre-eminent electrical and lighting distributor and a proudly Bidvest Company.

Established in 2011 to cater for the growing need in smart energy management solutions and to pursue innovations in the green technology sector, today the company is a distributor of smart electrical meters with specific skills in software development and management solutions to create a niche reporting and monitoring output, which allows customers to have visibility and understanding of their electrical consumption.

The EMS Invirotel solutions are used in both the municipal, public and private commercial property sectors, with an emphasis on the ability to provide turnkey solutions that encompass the supply of hardware, software as well as deployment and management services.

The utility management software system is meter agnostic, supports electricity, water and gas and is used to address all aspects of utility monitoring and account management with solutions to manage utility revenue collection and the efficient use of water and energy resources.

We use cloud-based software to harvest big data from our smart meters in real time. The result is uncomplicated information via our client dashboard giving you everything you need to improve your asset management.

As a turnkey service provider, our Smart Metering Management System and Utility Account Administration and Management System are supported by field services to assist you with implementation and administration. We conduct water and electrical meter auditing before helping you with pre-installation preparation, installation planning and scheduling.

Our team is always available to assist with utility, tariff and energy efficiency management. Together with our partners at Voltex, we can help you analyse your power quality and offer suggestions to improve your energy efficiency.

For more information please visit https://www.invirohub.com