Voltex embarks on the ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) Campaign

Voltex is a company that prides itself on making a difference to the world of energy and the sustainable use thereof and undertakes this through its various product development initiatives. However, the foundation of a company’s existence lies within the communities in which it operates and making a positive impact needs to encompass not only its operational objectives but also those of the communities in which it operates and who ultimately contribute to its success.

Voltex therefore jumped at the opportunity to become involved with the ARK Campaign (Acts of Random Kindness) which is founded on the principle that each and every one of us

“Can Change the World for Good”. There was immediate synergy with the purpose and intention of this cause. Furthermore Voltex was drawn to the fact that this campaign inspires its’ employees participation and gives them the freedom to select recipients within their immediate communities.

Voltex will be distributing 2500 ARKs, which are the yellow ark-shaped charity boxes, to its branches nationwide and encouraging the Voltex Group Employees to assist in “Changing the World for Good” by filling an ark and giving it to a person or group that could really use an Act of Random Kindness. This initiative is not compulsory but Voltex believes that the inherent generous nature of its staff and their desire to make a difference will ensure that each and every one of the 2500 arks are filled and given to someone to make a positive impact on their lives.

To kick start the charity drive Voltex will be placing a few coins into each of the 2500 arks before distributing these to their branches during August. Voltex are proud to be associated with a cause that aims to remind people that we all have the ability and ultimately, the responsibility to make the world a better place through goodness and kindness.